The Waterford Rotary Club will be accepting donations for a polio project.  We are going to raise $5000 to help purchase and support the Rotary Polio Efforts in Pakistan.  Proceeds will be used to purchase masks for Rotary Polio volunteers.   If interested, please use the Pay Pal link here, send check to Waterford Rotary and put masks project in the memo.  We will only be collecting donations through end of 2021.
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With the disruption caused by Covid19, routine vaccinations including polio vaccine have been missed in crucial endemic area.  It is therefor urgent that vaccinators are able to reach these children to stop the increased transmission of polio even in the midst of raging Covid Cases.  Rotarian Aziz Memon, Chair of Polio Plus in Pakistan for the Rotary International stated in his recent zoom meeting that the biggest need in rolling out the vaccine was Washable Masks for polio vaccinators.  The goal of $5000 will purchase 27000 masks at .20 each.  Please join us in raising funds to help eradicate Polio.